As many great ideas do, the concept behind Virtual VP began very simply. CEO and Founder Paul D. Nixon was at his Vice Principal job one day when he quipped to a co-worker, "I remember back when I was an educator..." Indeed, Paul's work as a school administrator had become more and more about managing the day to day operations, and less and less about being an instructional leader on campus. So he decided to start Virtual VP specifically to provide help for school administrators who are too busy running their schools to meaningfully affect student learning on their campuses.

Through Virtual VP, school administrators have access to a wide variety of resources that will help them accomplish the Herculean tasks they face every day.

Whether you are looking for help with training teachers, organizing and running faculty meetings, analyzing student data, preparing documents, or nearly any other task a school administrator is responsible for, Virtual VP has an expert on staff who can assist you! You are no longer alone! Get the administrative support you need with Virtual VP!