Most current research indicates that the #1 factor that affects student learning is the classroom teacher. The teacher is more important to student learning than the environment, the technology, the curriculum, or the textbooks. Virtual VP believes education should be standards-based and data driven, NOT curriculum based and textbook driven. In other words, effective education must be differentiated for the students in the classroom, not pre-determined by the resources that have already been provided. In order to maximize student learning, all teachers should be making continual adjustments to their lessons. Virtual VP can help with this process through Professional Learning Communities, Instructional Coaching, and Professional Development Seminars.


Trained, Certified Staff

All of our team members are fully trained and certified to provide the support you need. Certified teachers provide services to teachers, and certified principals provide services to principals. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how Virtual VP can give your teachers the support they need.

Teacher Training Services

Professional Learning Communities

School improvement through the use of professional learning communities (PLCs) is currently trending in education. This highly collaborative, teacher-led initiative puts teachers in the driver's seat of ensuring students are learning. PLCs meet regularly to analyze student data, write collaborative lesson plans, and develop common assessments for their classes. PLCs provide a unique, structured opportunity for teachers to share the strategies they have had success with in their classrooms. Let our trained PLC experts train your teachers in how to establish and run healthy PLCs in your school.

Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaching is one of the most effective forms of real-time, on the group professional development for teachers. When you hire Virtual VP to coach your teachers, you are guaranteed to receive highly professional training for your teachers in the most important area of their jobs - classroom instruction. Our coaches work with teachers in the areas of curriculum development and utilization, instructional strategy, lesson planning, classroom management, assessment best practices, and more! Whether the teacher is a veteran of 20 or more years or a newbie straight from the university, our instructional coaches can help your teacher to refine his or her teaching in order to maximize student learning.

Professional Development Seminars

The Virtual VP team includes instructional technique virtuosos and subject area experts in a variety of fields that can come to your school and provide training for your teachers. Some of the available seminars include: Unpacking Standards, Standards-Based Instruction, Data-Driven Instruction, Differentiated Instruction, Teaching in a Block Schedule, Teaching Formal Writing Techniques, Teaching Critical Thinking, Teaching Study Skills, Teaching Time Management Techniques, and many more.