At Virtual VP, our mission is to help schools achieve their highest goals by providing affordable, customized support services for administrators and teachers. We are here to support teachers and administrators as they do the invaluable work of educating the next generation.


Administrative Support


Virtual VP provides support services to busy administrators that allows them to continue to do the important day to day work in their schools without neglecting their roles as instructional leaders on their campuses!

Teacher Training


Virtual VP helps teachers to acquire and sharpen the skills they need to maximize their effectiveness in the classroom. Whether a new teacher or a seasoned veteran, Virtual VP works with teachers of all experience and ability levels to ensure students are learning!

Documents and Special Events


Virtual VP creates and edits school documents, such as student handbooks and employee procedure manuals. Virtual VP also helps in the planning and execution of special events, such as graduations, parent lunches, and honor society inductions.



“Virtual VP is a school administrator's best friend! Our services help principals all over the country to develop and assess teachers, and we help teachers to sharpen their crafts, all for the sake of improved student learning." - Paul Nixon, Founder/CEO