School administrators are ultimately responsible for everything on  a school campus, from the safety and cleanliness of facilities to the student learning taking place in the classrooms. Because of the wide range of responsibilities they have, school administrators sometimes leave their most important work undone - not because they are negligent, but simply because there may not be enough hours in the day. Often, work that is less 'important' in the grand scheme of things is prioritized because it is more 'pressing' in the moment. Virtual VP is here to help school administrators put first things first again by providing the support they need to allow them to focus on their most important work.


Trained, Certified Staff

All of our team members are fully trained and certified to provide the support you need. Certified teachers provide services to teachers, and certified principals provide services to principals. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how Virtual VP can give you the support you need.

Administrative Support Services

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Data Analysis

Data analysis is a critical aspect of running a data driven school, but it is also highly labor intensive. Let us do the work of crunching the numbers and we will present your school with aggregated data in an attractive, easy to read format. Whether you need the data analyzed from one test or report card, or you need a longitudinal study of multiple tests over multiple years, Virtual VP can provide the data analysis you need to help you to drive instruction in your school.

Record Checks

Are you short on clerical staff? Let Virtual VP bear some of the burden of double checking teacher records for accuracy. Our guaranteed confidential service will generate a weekly report for you of any record you choose: lesson plans, attendance records, gradebooks, and more!

Student Behavior Planning

One of our very special services is to help schools develop their own custom behavior management plan. At Virtual VP, we believe student behavior is a critical component of the overall education system. Call us and we will develop a specialized plan for helping you to manage student behavior in your school!


Document Creation / Editing

The Virtual VP team includes professionals with years of experience in creating and editing school documents. Whether a simple document such as a schoolwide memo or email, or a more complex document such as a student handbook or employee manual, Virtual VP can provide the personalized document creation and editing services you need.

Policy / Procedure Development

Virtual VP can be your trusted confidant and your virtual right hand when it comes to establishing and implementing new policies and/or procedures in your school. As a great administrator, you need to establish and utilize research-based procedures developed from educational best practices. Our trained professionals can provide exactly the support you need in this process.

Strategic Planning

If you are working on a strategic plan for your school, call Virtual VP to help you determine and put in writing appropriate short term and long term goals that your school board and your superintendent will love!


Accreditation Preparation

Preparing for an initial or a follow-up visit by an accreditation team can consume so much time and energy that many administrators are left with little time to actually run their schools. Let Virtual VP handle the work of gathering data and artifacts, and preparing the documents necessary to make your next accreditation visit a success.

Special Programs

Our team members have organized and run special programs in schools for over a decade. Are you planning a formal event, such as a graduation, or an Honor Society induction, or an informal event, like a faculty meeting or a parent's lunch? Virtual VP can be your guide in every detail from the venue to the decorations to the content of the presentations.

Instructional Coach Training

If you want to bring instructional coaching to your campus, but you are not sure how to execute your vision, let Virtual VP help! We can provide the professional development you need to be an excellent instructional coach for your teachers. We will show you how to balance the fine line between boss and coach.